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Pro Bono

We always try to make a difference, be it very small or big, to the community by providing free legal advice to the most vulnerable and needy, as we believe that this amounts to donating our legal knowledge to the community.

We take pride in stating that we provide absolutely free legal services, to charities in the UK, which included acting, free of charge, in expensive litigation disputes. There have been occasions where we even paid charities disbursements form our own office account.

We have been providing general advice to the community on TV and Radio programmes. Our Mr Chaudhary has been providing free weekly advice during drop in sessions every Sunday at local community centre, Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre for more than 10 years and thus far thousands of people have benefitted from his weekly advice over the period of 10 years.

In addition, we have provided free initial advice every Friday between 2-6 pm to people who could not afford to pay for legal services.

We have gone to the extent that we did not charge even a single penny to some of our clients who were in desperate and dire situation and they had no means to pay our fee.

We have had clients who serve charities but in return they receive nominal remuneration but their services are considered to be vital for the community. We did not charge our fee for our services to show a mark of respect to their services to the community.

We also facilitated meetings at our Premises, without charging any rent, with Islamic scholars to provide free advice on issues of Islamic law such as wills, marriage, divorce and khulah. At our Premises, we have numerous meeting rooms a conference room and hall which can made available to you for meetings if you are a reputable charity and you wish to use it for a charitable cause. The above is just a mere reflection of a few of our Pro bono services but we intend to go beyond this and wish to help the community as much as possible and therefore if you want to be part of our team and wish to donate your legal knowledge to the community then why not contact us.


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