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When someone dies, especially without making a Will, family members can very easily become involved in disputes which could be avoided with expert help and sometimes parties can become involved in positions where it may not be possible for them to resolve their differences without specialist legal help and it therefore it could lead to disaster results. That is why we believe it is essential to obtain specialist advice as soon as the possibility of a dispute arises. At Makka Solicitors Ltd we have the expertise to resolve any possible disputes swiftly and effectively.

Even if there is no possibility of any disputes, when someone close to you has died, we can provide clear and thorough advice and assistance in administering the deceased’s estate. With our experience we can guide you through what can be a difficult and burdensome task.

If the estate is liable to inheritance tax, then depending on the family circumstances of the deceased, inheritance tax planning can be carried out within two years of death to mitigate or avoid the tax liability altogether. We charge on a time spent basis and do not charge commission on top, unlike banks and many solicitors do.

We aim to provide a timely and efficient service with dedication and commitment. In certain circumstances, we will be willing for our fee to be paid upon distribution of assets. If you want us to deal with your Wills and probate related matters then please contact us and we will be happy to have a friendly chat with you.


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