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Makka Solicitors Ltd is a niche practice specialising in all aspects of UK Immigration and Nationality Law.

At Makka Solicitors Ltd we provide honest and clear advice which we believe is the key to our successful legal relationship between us and our clients.

Indeed there are many advantages of becoming a British Citizen regardless you intend to live permanently in the UK or abroad. Unlike some countries British Nationality law allows a British Citizen to have more than one nationality. It is worth checking first if the law of your home country allows you to be a citizen of that country if you are a British citizen, otherwise you may lose your original nationality. You should therefore check this with the authorities of your home country before considering making an application for British Citizenship.

British Citizenship can be obtained by many ways. It can be obtained by operation of the law; as an entitlement through the process of registration; or by obtaining naturalisation at the discretion of the Secretary of State. In order to make a successful application for British Citizenship you are required to meet complicated rules and regulations for which you need competent legal advice from a an expert and at Makka Solicitors Ltd we have the expertise to give you the expert advice on all aspect of Nationality Law.

If your application for British Citizenship is refused there may not be a right of appeal and any application fee paid to the Home Office is not refundable, apart from the nominal fee which you pay to attend the ceremony at the local authority. It is therefore very important that you obtain expert and professional advice to ensure that your application has the best possible chance of success. However, if your application has been refused for whatever reasons then we can advise you whether your case has sufficient merits to challenge by way of judicial Review.


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