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Judicial review

By way of Judicial Review proceedings an individual can change the law himself/herself or even for the rest of the nation. In Judicial Review proceedings the High Court is asked, by an individual or a company of sufficient standing, to review the lawfulness of a decision or action of a public body, or to compel a public body to make a decision on an individual case.

A public body can be anyone from the Home office, British High Commission, local council, local education authority or an Immigration Officer at the airport. It is well settled law that all public bodies must not act unreasonably and comply with certain rules and regulations.

Nowadays the Human Rights Act 1998 provides even wider protection to individuals against interference with their rights protected under the European Convention of Human Rights.

The Human Rights Act protects against infringement of rights relating to life, torture, inhumane and degrading treatment, privacy and family life, right to a fair hearing, and the right not to be removed from the UK if an individual has been living here for a long time, legally or illegally, and now settled here with or without his/her family.

At Makka Solicitors Ltd, we have successfully and regularly challenged many of the public bodies such as the Home Office, Identity and Passport Office and Foreign and Commonwealth Office (British High Commission). We have extensive experience in judicial review.

On many occasions we have successfully forced the Home Office to remake a decision on an individual case. We also had cases where an individual was being taken to the airport for removal from the UK but we managed to stop the removal with judicial review actions.

Therefore, if you think a public body is acting unlawfully or abusing their power against you then do not be afraid! We are here to help you, and if you are successful in challenging the decision of the public body the Court might order that your costs be paid by the other side such as the Home office.


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