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As well as donating our legal knowledge, by providing numerous pro bono services, to the community, under no circumstances we would want to be left behind in making financial contribution to the community.

We are pleased to be a patron of the Ibrahim Welfare Trust. A charity established in 2008, officially registered with the Charity Commission in November 2015 which provides free education to the disadvantaged in the village of Tatral in Pakistan. Since 2012 we, with some limited donation from family members, have been sponsoring the charity. At present approximately 50 school student and 35 Mudrassa students are benefiting from absolutely free education. The organisation has also become a source of employment for many people who may be the only breadwinner in the family.

We also donate all fees for document certification and witnessing signature to charity. To date we have already donated a considerable sum to charities from this service.

Furthermore, as part of our religious obligation, we also donate 2.5% of our net profit and pay in cash to poor people so that they can spend the money wherever they need to spend as per their needs.

In addition we do not charge any legal fees to charities in the Uk if they need our legal assistance and advice. If wish to know more about free legal advice and then please visit our pro bono section on this website.

The above is just a mere reflection of a few of our charitable work but we intend to go beyond this and wish to help the community as much as possible, as we believe it is worth living not just for yourself but for others. Therefore if you want to be part of our team and wish to donate your legal knowledge to the community then why not contact us.


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